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Training Areas

Coach Beyond… offers monthly webinars focused on one of the ten training areas shown in the circle.

Each webinar will be hosted via Zoom and last one hour in duration, typically from 7:00 – 8:00PM. The webinar is structured to explore the topic and include guest expert speakers including well-known coaches, athletes, and content experts (such as sport psychologists, social workers, or counselors).

Recent Webinars

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Perfecting Practice: Quality, Balanced Coaching

Session 10

Gearing Up for Game Day: Strategies to Prepare for the Season

Session 7

Perfecting Practice

Supporting Student Athlete Mental Health

Session 9

Coaching through Crisis: The Next Conversation on Mental Health in Sports

Session 1

Supporting Student-Athlete Mental Health

Promoting Positive Behavior & Engagement

Session 8

Positive Behavior and Engagement in Sport

Managing Stress and Pressure as Coaches

Session 6

Managing Stress & Pressure as Coaches

Promoting Life Skills in Your Student-Athletes

Session 5

Life Skill Development In Youth Sport

Fostering a Positive Team Environment

Session 4

Fostering a Positive Team Environment in Youth Sport

Special Event

Creating a Positive Team Environment

Special Event

Status of Coaching for Women and Girls

Developing Leaders

Session 3

Leadership Development Through Sport

Improving Mental Strategies for Athletic Performance

Session 2

Improving Mental Strategies for Athletic Performance

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