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Coach Beyond… researchers study key topics in sport coaching. Specifically, Coach Beyond… researchers investigate coaching practices that best promote social emotional learning in youth sport athletes. Learn more about Coach Beyond… research below!


National Coach Survey

National Coach Survey

  • Authors: Dawn Anderson-Butcher, PhD, LISW-S & Samantha Bates, PhD, LSW
  • Overview: The 2022 National Coach Survey is the first-ever survey in the U.S. to examine youth sport coaches’ backgrounds, experiences, philosophies, behaviors, and training histories and interests, while also exploring whether coach training makes a difference in relation to improved coaching practices and, ultimately, perceived impact on athletes. Findings provide useful information about youth sport coaching in the U.S. and can be used to drive improvements in youth sport policy, practice, coach preparation, and training.
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State-Wide Survey of Ohio Coaches

State-Wide Survey of Ohio Coaches

  • Authors: Samantha Bates, PhD, LSW & Dawn Anderson-Butcher, PhD, LISW-S
  • Overview: This report overviews the progress on Coach Beyond… priorities and goals with specific focus on findings from our audit of coach certification/licensure requirements and our state-wide survey of Ohio youth sport coaches.
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Coach Beyond Readiness Index: Technical Report

Coach Beyond Readiness Index: Technical Report

  • Authors: Samantha Bates, PhD, LISW,  Dawn Anderson-Butcher, PhD, LISW-S, & Anthony J. Amorose, PhD
  • Overview: The Coach Beyond Readiness Index assesses the degree to which coaches perceive they are able to support the holistic health and development of student-athletes. Youth sport leaders, school administrators, and researchers can use this tool to assess coach efficacy and align training and educational opportunities to program needs. 
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    Research Articles

    Mapping School-Based Coach Education Requirements in the United States

    Mapping School-Based Coach Education Requirements in the United States

    • Authors: Obidiah Atkinson, Samantha Bates, Dawn Anderson-Butcher, Sydney Mack, and Jacqueline Goodway
    • Overview: This article explores the coach education requirements, time commitment, topics, and cost within each state of the United States of America. It also dives deep into the requirements within the State of Ohio.
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