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How it Works

Over 600 million young people participate in sport annually. In Ohio alone 340,000 youth play school-based sport. We know youth sport can play a critical role for youth including:

  • Promoting positive mental health
  • Decreasing risk for substance use and abuse
  • Fostering positive school engagement
  • Increase academy success

These positive impacts are only achieved, however, when sport is structured and administered by caring, engaged adults. Coaches have the unique power to guide young people not only on the playing field but also in life. Unfortunately, many coaches are unprepared to harness this power.


of Ohio coaches feel confident in their ability to address athletes’ mental health concerns.


of Ohio coaches feel confident in their ability to help athletes regulate their emotions/to prevent burnout among athletes.


of Ohio coaches feel confident in their ability to identify off the field stressors among athletes (LiFEsports, 2022).


of coaches in OHSAA are non-school employees with limited background in education and child development.

To Address This Need

Ohio State LiFEsports has launched Coach Beyond… in partnership with the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA). Together Ohio State LiFEsports and OHSAA are working to change the landscape of coach training in Ohio by providing new and improved coach education training, coaching resources, and research aimed at ensuring youth sport coaches are ready to “coach beyond...”

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We met our goal of training 15,000 coaches by 2023.  Now we are setting our sights on another 10,000 (25,000 total) by 2025! 

15,919/25,000 (64%)

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