Tools & Instruments

Tools & Instruments

Developing Free Youth Development Programs

Sport-based youth development programs often rely on very small budgets that do not always allow for costly evaluation tools. Due to this, many programs are unable to afford quality program evaluations that are necessary to show youth outcomes. The LiFEsports Initiative currently works with faculty to develop program evaluation tools that are free-of-charge to youth development programs.

Youth Sport

The LiFEsports Survey Tools includes eight brief survey scales because we know that program success depends on more than just the sports skill that youth learn. Children and youth are asked about a variety of social skills related to social competence and youth development. Through the research at LiFEsports Summer Camp in Columbus, Ohio, we have tested these tools to make sure they are reliable and valid. These tools are in the public domain. To request approval for their use, please contact Dr. Dawn Anderson-Butcher at

The list below shows each survey scale. Click on the name of each scale to access the corresponding technical report.

Designed By CAYCI

The Ohio Quality Assessment Rubric

The Ohio Quality Assessment Rubric is a series of instruments designed by CAYCI to assess the perceptions of quality in afterschool settings among various stakeholders. O-QAR is comprised of four tools which have been developed by leaders in the CAYCI department of the College of Social Work at OSU since 2014.

These Include:

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While these tools are available for use in the public domain, we ask that you cite the scale appropriately (citation below). Please let us know how you are using the O-QAR!

Anderson-Butcher, D., Iachini, A., Wade-Mdivanian, R., Gezinski, L., & Gibson, A. (2013). The Ohio Quality Assessment Rubric Guide. Columbus, OH: College of Social Work, Ohio State University.

If you have any questions about any of these tools, please contact us.

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